100WC My holiday 4


We all said bye like the ending of nature and headed off to the hotel.
We were on a trip and it took forever that we had to make 4 stops at gas stations for food. It actually took way too long that i had to burst my bored out.
It was painful to see my self in this time, in about one mile we saw lots of big mountains, but my mum was scared about the birds eye view or would i saw down below the birds eye view. She was really scared that she though a car that was going slow could break those metal stuff on the edge of the road.
Wow we were actually finally here as my mum slept just when we stopped. It didn’t take long until we blew her dream up to the real life zone.
The leaves were blowing like crazy but we were here at the hotel called Adalya Resort & Spa. weird name, i didn’t understand what spa meant in the meaning. We were inside and i was crazy! they had everything i’m not going to say it twice but they had everything, oh oops, that was what i actually said

As i sat down while my mum and uncle and Yange/Aunty they straight away gave us a cherry juice, in a fancy looking cup i would say. They led us to our room and WOW, it was enough for 3 people to go in the beds, let me tell you what beds a one bed, and a two bed next to it, it had a bathroom, a balcony and especially the free stuff in the freezer that they refill every night. WOWWW. It just had everything, cool decorations and stuff ( search it up and you will see how lovely it is >:) ) 2 pools and especially the beach and about 3000 rooms i would say i’m not sure. The second day we first had breakfast and there was so much food to enjoy there was also lunch and dinner, after that i went in the pool it was amazing, a bridge that we could go through to the next pool.

The beach was also amazing but lots of big waves especially the big one that was 1 metre over my head, i don’t know how i survived, but i’m happy as heck right now to be standing up on the ground, i didn’t know why they would never  allow people going on the grass, like everyone knows not to ruin nature? maybe… The final day of this 100 WC. We went everywhere the pool was nice, but every night there was a disco a kid disco, it was about these cool shows but i wet to dinner and i don’t know why but there was a turkey day, they made everything fancy, but the food was really nice, so was the desert 🙂

Wow those were good days i will talk to you when i go out of this hotel, and i will talk about what happened after what i was saying right now. I will see you in the next holiday 100 WC byyeeeee.

100WC Holiday 3


As we all came home we took off to my aunties wedding it was fun but i didn’t celebrate because i didn’t know how to do the dance my mum does and everyone does… we ate lots of food, enough for everyone, even left overs.

I was thinking that was the only wedding but oh no there was more! our 2nd day was another wedding but even better, we had better food and was in this huge place. It looked like a restaurant for sure.
Now, the 3rd day was better then the 1st but worst then the 2nd it was like the 1st but more people, more food, and most of all, berry’s :))  i love berry’s.
While the night began i was sleepy and my mum left me with dust in a building so she could cut her hair for the last wedding, don’t worry i was with other people that were my family. The day was starting to get better lots of cars came and most of all it was like the 2nd but way better, I was very happy.
They served us the most delicious food and especially the lovely cake they made. Yum!

We all danced again like the other days, it was night and we went home at 12:00 but my computer ran out so i had to do my homework tomorrow, looks like were in a hotel, I will tell you more until the next 3 days!


100 EC my holiday


we were looking on the board to try and find our plane, as i saw  Ankara- Turkey we ran over, they said you have to wait around 8 hours, i was so bored!!!!
Until hours i was tired and slept just on the plane, finally they give us good food, i ate gently since my smell was grossed out from the other plane. We finally was at turkey, We walked over to were u get your stuff and for a second i was scared since it wasn’t showing up for 10 minutes, We walked out side with my uncle, 2 of my aunt’s and my mum, We went to this restaurant it was yum, after that we went to my uncle and yange/aunt’s house, we slept, after a while

we went to get cake and cut my hair, we walked in the grave yard where some of my family had died, we were sad,

( Sorry if this is longer then 100 words i had to write lots of stuff because it hasn’t been the other 3 days yet.)


100 WC My first 3 days for my holidays


I was on the plane getting excited for take off, as we took off i was ready for the food. A few hours later  the food came i was happy with a rumble of my tummy as they handed it over, I looked at the food it looked cool, as i smelt the fish i was disgusted and never ate it, all i ate was crackers. I was starving and waited for lunch to come, they gave the same food! I was mad and ate crackers again i was starving… We landed at Doha and i remembered that we came there years ago going to turkey. I hated the food there, until i saw a muffin with nutella on it that’s when i was happy.



I was walking down the path way with a scrape of finger tips on the wall, i was walking up stairs with a nervous touch on the door. ”Am i gonna fail my cooking class for being late?” I walked with feet stomping on the carpet, with a crooked voice ”am i fired” I said with a very quiet voice. ”no” the manager said. I looked down the river through the window with a very happy face, i looked at the pink ingredients. i cooked dirty and weird, that was when i got fired…

100WC- …why would I do that?…


A rushed day for a meeting, criminal danger.

”I want you to go to a bank and steal 10,000,000$”

”Why?” they argued well roughly. and with spits of breath they finally stopped. Jack finally went to the heist
The bank was in front of them metres away. Jack was walking through the door stressed out asking questions alot to himself.
Jack went upstairs slowly with cameras staring with prey senses, as he slowly walked up he caught a image about what would happen if he did get caught, he was right in front of the bank door and with a whisper ”…why would I do that?…



This is my graph, it has how much people are in each persons family in my school.

I choice a line graph.

100 WC …Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock


Wow what a beautiful day to have free days, its like ice on flames.

i’m thinking of swimming and seeing lime water, HOW? well it might be a better day to actually stay home, relax, and play games, i regularly play fortnite, and other games like minecraft.

I think i might play games. wait! i need to go to school! the clock say’s 8:30. But hmmm, is there school?

Ill go there

A few moments later… Finally i’m at school, gees there are so many posters saying… free day?!
My mind was incorrect! NOOO now i have to walk another 1 mile back.

100 WC – the magic door


Hotel bamboo is a sweet and nice place to go, especially for a person here.

”Hey where are we mum?” said Ben.

As they walked towards a random place, a bamboo kingdom you should call it,
Ben had spotted something very… amazing, he was walking to it with a fright that maybe it might not
be something he wished it to be.
He opened the door, as he looked inside, it had blew his mind separate, there was bamboos everywhere!
He walked into the main hall and found a door that was blue? as he walked inside, it had mastered the day.



100wc …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…


I was at the race track, It was a magnificent 10000 km, the race was starting, as the green sign went we all boosted like charging rhinos, I was last like a turtle that had broken its leg and unable to walk.
We were sprinting, sprinting with our faces blown up with wind.
Until we were half way our faces were red like tomatoes. I tripped over from a stick and suddenly saw a cliff. so, as i looked over the edge, I saw a turtle that had broken its leg but with my face all over it, it was floating.