100 WC


My house was getting built, The builders used a hammer, ladder, Wood and other tools. While i was sitting I had to bring my goldfish. The house was finished, I layed in my bed. I had a dream that I flew. When I went outside my house was beautiful and brown. I went to my grandfathers place to come visit, I went inside and there he was, he was surprised that I finally come to visit. While I was at school I saw my bully i was coming closer and closer slowly until… he saw me! I went back.


BTN Soccer Kids






The Socceroos won a big trophy and kids started watching and playing more of soccer.

– Socceroos Asian cup victory was a huge achievement.

–  It was the big trophy our national team has ever won.

– In two kicks and years of practice the Socceroos to become the best team in Asia.

-Will it make the sport more attractive for kids to play?

-Did Tim Cahil quit Melbourne City in 2018.

I understand that the Socceroos won the Asian cup victory and more Australian kids are playing and watching soccer.

SRC Application


Hi my name is Ben and I love being kind, fun and helpful for stuff because I help people when they need help, I can also help If you need someone to cheer you up. I love laughing along with people.

Importantly I am trust worthy and a hard worker that tries the best i can possibly do. I want everyone to be kind, safe and careful. I want everyone to be included in our school no matter what if they have a disability or is lonely.

Our goal is we come to school and learn. I would like everyone in our school to learn about stuff that they haven’t learned before or that wants to practice something that their not good at. I come to school mostly. Thank you.

BTN What is Democracy







This was about countries that have dictatorship and unfair voting’s.


Democracy was a Greek of 2 words.

Some countries have leaders that have dictatorship.

At ancient Greek not everyone got to say something.


Why couldn’t people vote at ancient Greek but can now?

Why do some people take force of their country?


I understand that democracy is most countries that can use voting and some countries has unfair voting’s. Back then in the olden days they didn’t have voting



”Wow what are these?” Its the strange wood statues they have been alive for over 1000 years, but now… they’re still alive but you see that they are not real, your mind is forcing you to see that these aren’t real but they are real…

They are here because they were making a circle of fortune. They wished well to become status but still alive.

You might be wondering what mood they are in. Well they are happy because they’re wish came true and sad at the same time because nobody comes by to visit them. The wood statue circle of fortune

Reading Reflection: Infinity Ring


After an hour of wondering for his parent’s lab. Sera hadn’t moved from the desk next to the Infinity ring.Sera didn’t speak for the entire time. He was sitting down on the couch and flipping the TV. Several hours later he stuffed his face with potato chips. ” Sera!” Dak yelled behind a Iron door. The Infinity ring is a time travel device.

100wc (We were moving fast when..)


We were going so fast! We were moving fast when… straight ahead was a tree. ”Were going to crash!” We  were right at the tree until.. ”Boom!” We crashed. We came out of the car, And it was on fire! ”Run!!” ”Boom!” It blew.

Fire fighters came and they blew out the fire in a instant water. We got a new car and off we go.

Again! We were going so fast, the breaks stopped working and the car stopped moving it was going straight but faster! Even faster then before! Like lightning. It  started working again, Off we go!


Cloud City


Once there was a suspicious person named Oscar Minefield. He lived in a cloud city that he built for himself to destroy earth and take over every universe but now one knew that yet, he came down the clouds on earth to get materials. Everyone thought he was suspicious.

He took some weird things to turn them to turn them into evil weapons. Everyone was staring at him when he went up to his cloud. Everyone thought he was a god. He was building and building for 100 years. Everybody died of old age. But once he came down he saw nothing but buildings, no humans, he fainted. Once he came back up there were more people, He fainted again. His friend decided to take his machine and to make it a better one, so he done it. He kept on building for ages and ages until… it was complete! he was testing it out on the clouds.

Just when he shot it he saw a cloud city, He tried flying towards it but he didn’t make it  he tried every single time, Until… he made a creation so he can fly there. It was the Jet pack once he flew he went lightning and there he was the cloud city. He used a creation to teleport the whole country there, he did. Everyone was amazed so they lived there. He became famous for getting to the CLOUD CITY.

Years and years ago in the future that place was no more cloud it became a floor and everyone below in the country were in the dirt discovered by professionals/ Scientists. All they saw was a bones from humans they checked the bones and inside one was a very ancient gem of the clouds.

In the clouds was more and more city’s around the whole world! People kept on discovering it and on and on until the world became bigger. Everything kept on being normal and normal… UNTIL. Everything became smaller like the world!


100 WC Stone Family


This family years ago used to be real humans the special thing that happened to this family was a special stone

water. The special stone water no longer exists anymore.

Just a stone family.

It can read by mind only to other stone people that went in the stone water years and years ago.

Inside there is a spirit casting the stone family to stay stone forever.

Every time people walk past they talk but humans cant hear that, only the stone families around the world can with their minds.

It can be only found in Singapore.

The stone family.


Goals For Semester 1


   Goals for semester 1 


-What I want to learn:

-I want to learn to be better at paragraphs

-I also want to read faster



List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:



-Practice after school

-Try to take 3-4-5 lines for a paragraph

Read Faster

-Getting my mind going through each word faster

-Think the meaning of the words faster



How I learn and behave:


-I listen so I don’t get stuck.

-And to get my mind of off things that aren’t work




List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:



-I listen to get better

-I listen so I don’t get stuck of what I have to do

Mind on work

-I need my mind on work so I can work quicker and get my work finished

-And so I won’t get left behind on work