2018 Reflection



This year we got to work on our computer mostly,

We done space and lots of government lessons,
camp too.


Advice for next year 5s

Use your computers properly,

Sit with someone you never sat with before.


What we did well

I think we did space well with our predictions and we enjoyed it,

We also did well on introducing ourselves,

And gala sports + winter sports.


What we could do better

Not messing around,

Staying focused on work

And lit circles.







100 WC Christmas


      Merry Christmas everyone, 10000 MILLION years ago, there was a person named Santa, his dream was giving gifts to everyone he see’s, matters if they be naughty or not. His life was original until a magic caste on him, his powers were his dream, every year for that night he spends all his time giving people gifts, only people that were nice. He loves cookies and milk. They created elf on the shelf, which has teleportation to each certain place at every night, the elf can also see if kids are naughty or good.




The mars rover is trying to get to another patch of land so that it can find new rock samples, but there are boulders in the way. So if it senses an obstacle, it will turn left, move forward, turn right, move forward, then turn right, move forward, and then finally turn left and keep going to the patch with new rock samples, unless there is another obstacle in which case it repeats this process.

BTN Performance poetry


-You can put your emotions in to poetry.

-You can make the reader feel what you feel

– In slam poetry you can do anything

Why is slam poetry called slam poetry?

Can their be a new poetry?

I understand that in Slam poetry you can do anything, and you can put your emotions in to your poetry to make the reader feel what you feel

100 WC … but they were exhausted…


They were exhausted, cleaning up their house before his dad came. Took them 10 minutes to tidy up 1 mess, can they finish 5 chores in 35 minutes,

they were trying to finish THE OLDEST RECORD, they took off blasting they’re heads with pillows. they took too much time mucking around, the doorbell rang, and they were confident it wasn’t his dad. The door opened lightly, and with a flinch everyone finished tidying up, maybe you can muck around and finish straight away, all you have to do is try, his dad took his PC from the wall that was broken.. Well that’s his life…


BTN Humans in space


In April 12 1961 a Russian went to space 

In 1971 the first ever space station went to space

They made like a space station at mars for a reality TV show

What material do they use?

How much people can you fit inside a space station?

I now understand that in 1961 they released the first ever rocket to space and i also understand how they washed their hands in space.

WWC … we seemed to be on the television…


Breaking news, they’re is a murderer in our local town! Stay in your home! There is a kidnapper. AHHH HERE HE  IS “am i on TV!!!!???”

The girl took steps back before revealing she hit her head on a wall, the guy was doing fortnite dances in front of the screen. That was his mistake.. Cops came running at him, the fat police officer done a sphere on him, there he was.. In prison ” hey what you in here 4″ “murdering and doing fortnite dances infront of the TV screen…” Lets beat him up!” Hey atleast we seemed to be on television…

BTN Mars experiment


They put people in a big thing next to a volcano to ive them a taste of what its like living on mars.

Getting to mars would take 1-3 years.

You have to eat the same food at mars

How much will our population get when we have the red planet ( Mars ) 

What are the mars suits made of. 

I understand that it would take 1-3 years on earth for them to get on mars, and having to eat the same disgusting  food every day.

100 WC: Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty


Wonderful creative art Ace said, the colours suit perfectly on the bricks, It was an amazing yellow gorilla that was running, it was pretty art, Ace took of making one of his own, he had made the master piece. Ace would prefer the gorilla artwork, but he mad his challenge, to create the best artwork in the world. He took off, years of years he made the best artwork in history. He wondered what if he made one that was the same as last art, it was his choices and he began making it, he was done…

The solar system


Jupiter has 67 moons.

The big mountain on mars is 3x bigger than mount Everest.

One day the sun will die with Earth, Venus and Mercury. 

Are there any mysterious planets we haven’t discovered yet? 

What chances are there of earth getting destroyed?

This video was about all the planets in the solar system and about them, how much moons they have and about our future in a trillion years