Olden Oliver

There was a boy named Oliver Harman. He was very poor. He was the king of stealing and he stole everything he could get his hands on! One day he saw some food on the street, it was two apples that had fallen off a tree. Oliver put them in his pocket and then walked over to the apple tree. He climbed the apple tree but just that second two policemen came and arrested Oliver.


A person ate the food and other people got sad, they tried looking for some all over the town but there was none, no food for anyone. While Oliver was in prison it was night everyone was in their cells.


But Oliver was out of his cell. While Oliver was walking he tried finding an escape. He was walking in the hallway until he found an escape through the vents. He was crawling through the vents and saw a lot of food, enough to fill the town ‘’wow those look delicious’’ said Oliver.


‘’ that’s why the air smalls like food’’ said Oliver, he pushed all the food through the vents and down they go, rolling in a cave to the town. Oliver stopped the food and called everyone that he has food he even told the guards at prison.


So they let Oliver free with 12$ that he had before he gone to prison. Everyone was enjoying the food even Oliver



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