100 Wc …however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…


It was a day from a maths test, try running and you will fail.

A person named Ara was finally beginning the test. She was rushing through the test and didn’t think she would get any results. As she moved towards the teacher she felt a fright coming down her shoulders to her spine. She slowly gave the sheet as she had a tickle. She moved towards the door and ran for it! Just as the teacher was reading the results she was excited and scared, she looked towards the results and ran up. Just as she put her hands on it….”Rip!”


BTN Don’t Panic



-Going to the bathroom while a fire is not a  good idea.

-Do not hide, or go on the roof.

-Fill up the water in your bathroom. 

-Can you wash the fire up?

-Why going in the bathroom while a fire a bad idea?

I understand that hiding or going in the bathroom is a bad idea, you can also fill up water in your bathroom. The latest thing i know is that you cannot drive on water.

BTN- Cape town water chrisis



  • Cape town had a really bad drought for months.
  • Authorities predict that on June 4 water taps will stop working.
  • They only get 50 L a day until February  1 st.
  • What would  happen if the drought stops on June 4?
  • Can someone take more than 40 L a day?

     I understand that droughts can get you about 50 L a day and that they predict that the water will stop working on June 4 Th. 

100 WC Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge


A stormy day once again with the bridge turned up to stone and deadly.
I was at my house watching T.v nothing happened except from these weird noises coming from the kitchen on the top shelf.
I went to go look but nothing was there, i was shocked ” is there a ghost in my house?” i said to myself. Just as i walked the opposite way i heard someone and looked the opposite way again and there was someone that had sprinkled that was pink!
Just as i looked outside there was a huge daffodil covering my whole house.


Goal- To make a better experienced ending.

Herald Sun- Is Africa starting to split up into two?



  • Africa had a huge crack in the middle.
  • Scientist believe Africa is splitting up to two
  • People say that in 50 million years the Africa continent will split up into two.


  • Can miners dig more down?
  • What happens if it goes back together somehow?


   I understand that Africa had a huge crack that made people thinking that in 50 years it will become 2 parts. And that people had to go on the opposite side and sometimes jump over the crack.



”Hello there” said the young one.

”Today we will be doing science about whats inside plants” said the scientist.
They all gathered around the spike ball with a horrified face starting towards the spikes, they all wondered what is it? what’s inside?
Suddenly the scientist opened the ball and here it was, a slime ball covered inside, just as they were surprised the goo went everywhere all around the science lab. They were horrified and scientist started testing them. And it was the best! it makes medicine!
They were all happy and surprised with a bright smile.


Goal- To make the understanding better.

BTN- Hawaii Volcano



The volcano erupted in a place at Hawaii called Kilauea.

It destroyed houses and cars.

People had to go far back from the lava witch has caused destruction.


Why were they close to a volcano?

Was there any people still in their  homes while a volcanic eruption?


I understand that this was about a lava that caused destruction in Hawaii by a volcanic eruption and where part of Hawaii was it.

100 wc …but I didn’t understand the instructions…


I was in high school and nothing went strange except that we had to do a test at the 2nd last day of school!
Just as the teacher was talking about the test, i didn’t listen. Everyone walked out of the room and i thought it was a test. Suddenly i just realised i could tell my friends! but they were gone. I tried telling the teacher but she was gone, they were all gone! Just in the morning i came to school and everyone handed in their sheets. When i got called out i walked towards them …but I didn’t understand the instructions… Suddenly i just found a test behind my back, i gave it. Just as i looked on the piece of paper i got a A + .


Goal- To give more understanding of the text.

Cyber safety webinar


Privacy is about controlling your personal information in the online world,

Some can be scams, hacking or viruses. A scam can be asking for a password that happens in roblox a lot like random friend requests or people asking for your password for a lot of amount of money.
Some can also be a warning on your computer like ”Last chance to download” or anything like that. To easily take it off restart your computer.
the simplest way to have a secure password is to make a password that includes eyes, fingers or faces that can get u back in your I pad or Phone and if this happens to you on your computer or a message that said ”You have a incoming mail please press now!” you still have lots of time because why cant they do it earlier if it happens? that includes a scam. Another can be that a add that includes free stuff and a lower price of jewellery or puppies, do not fall into a eye of a scam.