100WC … but how did he/she get up there?…


I was walking in the pathway, In the path. ”WAIT WHAT” how did he get up there? there is no way… wait a second… theirs a ladder! i’m gonna get her and report her to the police. Argh i finally went up, Ah! i’m too chubby 🙁 wait why am i  here ”falls off” AH i hate people on my house i wish i was other people but…  but…. WHY IS SOMEBODY ON MY HOUSE AGAIN! ”Oh because its going on peoples house today. Yay best day whew, can u explode houses too? Yassss you can. this day will never end.


Goal: Make it more enjoyable

BTN History of Voting



-People over 18 all have the rights to vote.

-Back then girls couldn’t vote.

-The election would have positive policies.

-Why couldn’t girls back then vote and have the right to vote?

-Why do you have to be over 18 or 18 to vote ( why 18/ over )

I understand that girls back then couldn’t vote but can now and you’d have to be over 21 or 21 to vote, now you need to be over 18 or 18 to vote,

and the election would have positive policies.

BTN Indigenous Parliament


http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4019598.htm  Visit!


-In the whole history there has only been 28 indigenous people of parliament.

-The parliament house is a place to make laws.

-We all have the power to make a difference.

-What is it like living in the parliament house?

-Who were the 28 indigenous people’s names?

This was about a girl going to the parliament house to explain whats there,

she was also talking about issues/ bad stuff for the aboriginals

100 WC


What happened?

They must of forgotten to bring the spinning cup back…

But how did that happen.

Wait! i see a huge monster run! I was running until boom the cup smashed to a different ground again but… I saw something glowing green under the cup i tried lifting it up it was no use! I tried making the monster follow me to smash the tea cup ”Boom!”

The monster kicked the cup away ”yes!”

I ran straight there and had a look at the glowing thing.

It was a teleporter… I touched it, It made me in the future…


My goal is to make people be more excited with these.

BTN Levels of Government


(Come visit) http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4469199.htm





Federal, State, Local

-Fedral has the responsibilities to defend, trade, foreign affairs, money & taxes, communications, environment.

-State has health, education, mining and agriculture, law & order, roads & transports.

-Local has 500+ governments, local roads, garbage, pets, local buildings, permits, elderly


-Why does local governments get more money?

-Can all 3 levels go together?


I understand that theirs 3 different types of levels of governments, Federal, State, and local.

100 WC …but what if I was in charge?…


What if i was in charge, well i would rule my country with piece and destruction! It would be amazing to have all the power to do whatever i want. Well here it goes. ”I’m in charge now i want all you to clean ever toilet in this country and do the splits” ”why?” ”you have to or your kicked” ”Times up for the role play show” I really wish i had the power but… (years later)…. I have the power of them all i will rule forever! Muahahahaha yes.. indeed i will.

(gets kicked out of country) never mind.

BTN Voting Changes







This BTN was about the government getting rid of group voting tickets.

People got to order their senate.

The prime Minister wanted to make changes

Most people don’t want to fill out all of the voting’s sometimes they only do one.

Why did the government getting rid of group voting tickets?

When was the rule made?

I think its cool how they came up with the group voting tickets system and i think its a fair choice.





100 WC


My house was getting built, The builders used a hammer, ladder, Wood and other tools. While i was sitting I had to bring my goldfish. The house was finished, I layed in my bed. I had a dream that I flew. When I went outside my house was beautiful and brown. I went to my grandfathers place to come visit, I went inside and there he was, he was surprised that I finally come to visit. While I was at school I saw my bully i was coming closer and closer slowly until… he saw me! I went back.


BTN Soccer Kids






The Socceroos won a big trophy and kids started watching and playing more of soccer.

– Socceroos Asian cup victory was a huge achievement.

–  It was the big trophy our national team has ever won.

– In two kicks and years of practice the Socceroos to become the best team in Asia.

-Will it make the sport more attractive for kids to play?

-Did Tim Cahil quit Melbourne City in 2018.

I understand that the Socceroos won the Asian cup victory and more Australian kids are playing and watching soccer.

SRC Application


Hi my name is Ben and I love being kind, fun and helpful for stuff because I help people when they need help, I can also help If you need someone to cheer you up. I love laughing along with people.

Importantly I am trust worthy and a hard worker that tries the best i can possibly do. I want everyone to be kind, safe and careful. I want everyone to be included in our school no matter what if they have a disability or is lonely.

Our goal is we come to school and learn. I would like everyone in our school to learn about stuff that they haven’t learned before or that wants to practice something that their not good at. I come to school mostly. Thank you.