BTN Mars experiment


They put people in a big thing next to a volcano to ive them a taste of what its like living on mars.

Getting to mars would take 1-3 years.

You have to eat the same food at mars

How much will our population get when we have the red planet ( Mars ) 

What are the mars suits made of. 

I understand that it would take 1-3 years on earth for them to get on mars, and having to eat the same disgusting  food every day.

100 WC: Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty


Wonderful creative art Ace said, the colours suit perfectly on the bricks, It was an amazing yellow gorilla that was running, it was pretty art, Ace took of making one of his own, he had made the master piece. Ace would prefer the gorilla artwork, but he mad his challenge, to create the best artwork in the world. He took off, years of years he made the best artwork in history. He wondered what if he made one that was the same as last art, it was his choices and he began making it, he was done…

The solar system


Jupiter has 67 moons.

The big mountain on mars is 3x bigger than mount Everest.

One day the sun will die with Earth, Venus and Mercury. 

Are there any mysterious planets we haven’t discovered yet? 

What chances are there of earth getting destroyed?

This video was about all the planets in the solar system and about them, how much moons they have and about our future in a trillion years

100 WC … because I said so…


A nice sunny day, lemonade is the flavour, Jack was walking right next to the waves flooding his foot. He had wondered what it would be like being a cashier. As someone was walking right beside him he said cashier ” out of all the stuff you choose a cashier….”
yeah he said with a bright voice. He was walking to get a drink and realised there was nobody in the cashier spot, he jumped over and  started breaking the cashier thing, people came stomping hard and said ” get out of that spot now” in a dark voice. He was unhappy so he said ” why ”

“… because I said so…”

He suddenly realised that he was trash at being a cashier and how cranky that guy was.

“oh well….”



BTN Mars mission


Its transporter shield had to go through 1600 degrees to slam into mars atmosphere 

The rover was 2 and a half billion dollars and years of work.

The rover took pictures at mars and had lasers


What would they do if it didn’t make it?

Did they discover anything new about mars?


I understand that the rover they took to mars was actually a lot of work to build and very expensive! And now i understand what mars looks like.

BTN- Ancient study of astronomy



– Talami was a Greek citizen at the roman empire but born at ancient Egypt.

-Babylon made calender’s out of mathematical equations.

– Spanish people came to Maya to burn all of their saved data.

– Where is Baghdad? 

-Can there be another ‘star research’  this year?

I understand that Mayas recordings and saved data was destroyed by Spanish people and a person named Talami that was at the roman empire but born at ancient Egypt as a Greek citizen

100 WC …it reminded me of a time when…


The rocks were slippery but not Dash, dash was a kid champion at rock climbing! his highest was 1000 metres, that night he went up that tiny rock that would go to 1001 metres until he failed… He went down as if he quit everything, people kept recording him and reporting him “…it reminded me of a time when… my dad fell 1001 metres ” Everyone fell in shock, like the end of the world! He walked back into his house and never climbed again, that night there was the champion ships final, he came and by the time he came it was still late, he still tried and reached 1001 metres!

100 WC Sculpture


Jack tiptoed before waking his mum, that last second was gone, it felt like someone grabbed his sole and throwing it in hell, he ran outside with the quietest voice battle of a old man like a very old man, he went through the bushes as if he was being chased by a lion suddenly he fell and landed right near the sharp cold horn of a weird statue that looked like goats “what is that? ” but there was more, 2 more different animals, he thought it  was a horse, a cow, and a goat,  ” wow this art is amazing! ” he said ” I wonder who made these ” he searched it and it was the name of Fear Dumb it was a weird name, he was wondering why it was there near the forest, it was there because he wanted money and wanted to be famous. Wow greedy 🙂


  • What i have achieved
  •  My first achievement was grammar in writing, I achieved it from getting better at my language
  • My second achievement was coding, I learnt it a bit from this thing called make a space, its where u can code
  • My third was space, I learnt more about planets
  • Then focusing on the task more,  I let myself and others near me not distract me
  • Getting ready for the topic, I achieved it from being very clean not messy
  • And the last one is behaving better, I stopped others from messing me up.

100WC Holiday 9


All we done on that day was go to the shops and get clothes as a gift. I slept as i realised what the time was. i closed the light and saw the full darkness  appear, i almost fell on the floor but i fell on the coach. I slept with the shivers that it was so dark that i couldn’t see anything not anything, i slept in about 1 minute it was 3:00 am. In the morning we tried figuring out where to go until the idea came blowing of my cousins head, she was thinking about this place with soldiers and a museum of the presidents it was awesome to see all those books the president read. There was a lot no kidding. The gallery looked cool, and these soldiers fighting, there was a lot of people and a lot of stuff to see. Until that moment where i had to go with my other cousin or cousins. We went to the shops straight away when they got me. We went to eat and they tried getting clothes for me again, i had everything. We went to this punching thing with the power stuff. I kicked way harder then my punching, i bet my cousin at kicking but he bet me at punching, while my other cousin hit the 700 i was surprised. We went back so on i played but this time with my cousin on his PS3 he won almost every round, i didn’t get the controls of the controllers on ps3 the controls i use on Xbox are different and the shapes on the controllers are different, i was finally good to almost beat him. The sun was rising through the shine i was thinking about going to my cousins soccer training but i woke up really late. The time went a few hours where i had to go back to where my mum was. We went shopping straight away….