100 wc …but I didn’t understand the instructions…


I was in high school and nothing went strange except that we had to do a test at the 2nd last day of school!
Just as the teacher was talking about the test, i didn’t listen. Everyone walked out of the room and i thought it was a test. Suddenly i just realised i could tell my friends! but they were gone. I tried telling the teacher but she was gone, they were all gone! Just in the morning i came to school and everyone handed in their sheets. When i got called out i walked towards them …but I didn’t understand the instructions… Suddenly i just found a test behind my back, i gave it. Just as i looked on the piece of paper i got a A + .


Goal- To give more understanding of the text.

Cyber safety webinar


Privacy is about controlling your personal information in the online world,

Some can be scams, hacking or viruses. A scam can be asking for a password that happens in roblox a lot like random friend requests or people asking for your password for a lot of amount of money.
Some can also be a warning on your computer like ”Last chance to download” or anything like that. To easily take it off restart your computer.
the simplest way to have a secure password is to make a password that includes eyes, fingers or faces that can get u back in your I pad or Phone and if this happens to you on your computer or a message that said ”You have a incoming mail please press now!” you still have lots of time because why cant they do it earlier if it happens? that includes a scam. Another can be that a add that includes free stuff and a lower price of jewellery or puppies, do not fall into a eye of a scam.

100 WC Prompt- magical animal


He went on the bus with a fright, everyone in his school was fast, everyone good was there and he versed the fastest person in the school at 500 m, just as he went on the mark the whistle blew and he was sprinting but not fast enough to come anywhere near 1st, suddenly he slowed down and saw a cheetah ” A cheetah?” he said with a strange look he called out until nobody could see the cheetah except him the cheetah suddenly came and pushed him running to the finish line as fast as a cheetah! ”1st!” he said

Goal- Better start.

100WC …’when did it arrive?’ I said


I was walking on the streets with my head phones on suddenly a car almost crashed me! I some how got arrested? I went in prison and my mum and dad came, they were very mad at me… BUT i brang my phone, I was in my prison cell, ” Can you please get me a chainsaw to get out of this prison cell please?” an hour later i heard a slam on  the door… ‘when did it arrive?’ I said. suddenly a police arrived and went right towards to me. WITH A CHAINSAW. ‘why did it come so early?’ AHHHH


Goal- I need to get better at getting better explanations.

BTN Underwater Robots




-Building robots is very hard

A robot club spent weeks building the underwater robot

-Now they are gonna test they’re robot.


-How did they build it?

-Why did they build it?


I understand that building robots are very hard especially water robots, a robot squad spent weak’s building the underwater robot.



I was at home, watching TV suddenly my mum Shouted ”Come here for a second” . We went outside and saw a Crimson wall. We went to the shops, walking by people that were getting flushed by Misty coldness. We walked to the banana area and they were gone, flying in the air and making a tornado, we ran and the whole shop was fulled with fruit and veggies. A strawberry was Frantically chasing us, we screamed our head off. The only place we could hide from the stuff was the Grave. We stayed there. ” AHHHHH ZOMBIES WE HAVE TO RUN!”.


Goal- To not add the words that quick.

BTN- Fair Games



-All games have rules

-Some people with disabilities need rules so its fair

-People with the same disabilities can play together to make it fair instead of a person with disabilities vs a person that doesn’t have any.


-What would happen if it was a kid vs a disability person?

-Do people with disabilities allowed to play any game?


I understand that to make a game fair it needs rules and if a disability person is playing maybe they can make a different game with other people with the same disability.

100 WC Prompt


Me and my friends were walking, just then we saw a rocket in the sky? ”I bet that’s a plane” said my friend, suddenly it came towards us, we were running. The legs fell out of the whole body, the legs went straight behind us while we were running on a tree! we told our mums and dads and they thought it was just a dream, when they went out they were surprised. We called the police until… the robot legs disappeared, the tree’s were smoking by the body. The police said it came from a black hole. IT WAS!



Goal: To not use that much commas.

BTN- Selling Soccer



Red- Facts

Green- Questions

Blue- Understanding

-Soccer is the most popular for kids to play in this country.

-It is also one of the most expensive.

-It cost 800 $ a year for a club.

-Why is soccer so expensive for a year in a club?

-In a club how much does it cost for a month?

I understand that to get in a soccer club for a year it is 800 $,

i also know that soccer is the most popular for kids in this country, In soccer you get thousands of money every goal,

and in soccer for kids every goal is actually lunch money.